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Extension: Off Land is a work exploring the rejection of female reprosexuality. 9 circular mirrors are spread across the space which are each attached to a piece of string. These are tied together in a knot and inserted into my anus. I am installed in the space below a rusting piece of metal which was used on the beaches of Folkestone in WWII as part of a fence to defend against invasion. As the work progresses I begin to move the mirrors. I then use the fluid from my vagina to write on the mirrors and the dirt on the bottom of my feet mixed with my saliva to write on the walls.

This work was shown as part of Tempting Failure Festival of Performance and Noise Art 2016 and SPILL Festival of Performance 2016,


Images: Guido Mencari, Christa Holka and Julia Bauer.

© 2020 Alicia Radage ​
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