Radage is currently based in the UK. Their work springs from a well of queer(ed) sensitivity at the occupied intersection of the Female Body.


Manifesting through visual languages of performance, photography and digital collage; Radage works to unpack histories of colonisation pertaining to the gendered body & geography – seeking alternatives to a reflexive politics of occupation.


In a rejection of repro-sexuality as a mode of late capitalism; Radage explodes fertility narratives placed on the female body in an attempt to interrupt constructed requirements of (re)production - opting instead for shared practices of re-fashioning and exchange. 


At its limits, Radage's practice reaches beyond the body and its political histories to a spiritualism that explores our collective human-animal position within a universe which has no prescribed purpose other than the sentience of being.

Alicia has taught at Universities on Fine Art and Theatre courses for both MA and BA courses. They have been supported by The British Council and Arts Council England. They co-organise Assembly with Jasper Llewellyn, a workshop and residency for Action Artists in Provence, France. They are one half of the collaboration Radage ▽ Hardaker with Ro Hardaker. Alicia graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2011 with a Distinction in Advanced Theatre Practice. 

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