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Radage works with sculpture, performance, video, text and sound. 

Their current research looks at the intersection between Neurodiverse experience and Animist practice.  Looking to ways of communicating and being outside of neurotypical, late capitalism, Radage is drawn to an Animist way of processing the world around them, detecting and deciphering the life forces of the more than human.

Their practice is activated through intuiting forms of interspecies communication. From their human perspective, Radage places an intention to commune with the more than human in the objects, actions and soundscapes they make. Radage has been particularly interested in the use of the uncanny to question the role of humanity in contemporary society, building plant-like sculptures from silicone casts of their own body parts. Radage uses their trained singing voice with the same intention of communicating with other species. Their text interrogates their own behaviours and thought processes of those that they observe around them with the aim of debunking the myths of human supremacy. 


Their core concern is remembering a fluency in spiritual connection to the more than human by reclaiming and foregrounding, within a feminist framework, intuition and emotionality as potent creative tools, historically disregarded within patriarchal structures. 


Radage has shown their work internationally and has been supported by Arts Council England, The British Council and Shape Arts. A selection of their work is represented by Notable shows and performances include Whitstable Biennale (UK), Venice International Performance Art Week (IT), MAMBO (Bogota, CO) GIANT Gallery (Bournemouth, UK), San Mei Gallery (London, UK), Meno Parkas Gallery (LT) and Parlour Gallery (London, UK). Alicia graduated from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2011 with a Distinction in Advanced Theatre Practice.

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