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Betray your Father.

I have no sisters I have no brothers. Denounce Your Mother.

Make them your Comrade.

Use your reserve artillery and Betray Your Father together. He created you. Now betray him. Then together you can betray his father and his father’s father.


Heal your Master.

Be Your Mother.

Usurp her.

Be her Mother.

Let her usurp you.

Eat your grandmother.

Feel her in your veins forever no more.

Cradle her.


Devour the family. Fuck all of your brothers. Give them all of the salt in your body and drink their saccharine sweat. Your sisters are your rock. Smash them into sand and grind them in your teeth. Let them wear you down.


Rejoice together. There  Is  More  Life  in this act of destruction than you’ve ever known.


(Sell your rape stories. Your erotic capital was stolen from you so put it back on the market. The market is free.)


Mourn this childhood one more time take your time. And now let it have Life again forever changed. You are Life nothing more nothing less.  

© 2020 Alicia Radage ​
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