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I am interested in art as a means of active reflection. As an interdisciplinary artist, my practice works with various mediums of communication and the dynamics of placing them within the same frame. Having come from a starting point of visual theatre, my work engages with installation, performance and video art. I create video art, solo live art, as well as performance and installation work with a collective: ‘CLUSTER BOMB’.


In my performance work an interest of mine has been to perform non human or non conventional actions within a constructed space as a way of perceiving an environment from a different angle.


My video work stems from an interest in photography and the exploration of the notion of the still image. I use the medium of video as a means of the continuation of the statement of the image and an investigation of the aesthetics of a photograph. In both my video and performance work, a core focus is the concept of, and differentiations between, place and space. An importance is placed upon what it is to be subject to an environment as well as to objectively speculate the idea of settings.

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