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Image: Becca Pelly-Fry

Mother Bent was an immersive installation commissioned by Whitstable Biennale 2022 and then developed for a commission with the University of Creative Arts in October-November 2022 at Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury. The installation is a weaving of sculpture, video and sound.

The sculptures are available for individual purchase as a limited edition of 70 pieces. Each are made from reclaimed brass, silicone and seaweed alginate casts and range from 30 cm - 2 metres in size. Please enquire via email to:

Growing out of Radage’s research into the relationships between neurodivergent experience and Shamanic practice, the installation MOTHER BENT uses a neurodivergent lens to create moments of quiet and cacophony, focus and wholeness, offering different ways of seeing and sensing. It also draws on the ancient Shamanic practice of journeying, in which the subject is transported to other worlds in an altered form of consciousness. This visionary state can involve working with nonhuman allies – animals, plants and spirits – to receive their teachings and medicine. Radage uses the practice of journeying to remember ancient knowledges in an attempt to find alternate ways of being in a neurotypical society.

Image: Alicia Radage
Image: Becca Pelly-Fry
Image: Alex Davies
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