A sketch of NAILHAT by Rosanna Gould


A video of the nail and their sounds 

The idea for NailHat was conceived in relation to the ideas and practices of rewilding and domestication. When pulling up the floorboards in my flat I removed these nails. This type of nail is now redundant as a new style has been invented. The act of pulling up the floorboards to reveal what's underneath us echoed the act of the Worm Dance: bringing to the surface and to light what is underneath our feet that doesn't meet our conscious gaze in everyday life. The act of performing a movement in my body, a shaking process which is considered to be a natural mammalian process in terms of TRE, and this conducting a sound speaks to a lot of practices worldwide, which use sound making to connect to the spiritual or the divine; from singing hymns in the Christian church to Tuvan throat singing. In a bid to reappropriate the domestic to enact a rewilding, the nails will be used to generate a chorus of sound in accompaniment to a duration action that leads to exhaustion. Repetitive and strenuous movement also has a history of being used to access altered states of consciousness.