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Alicia Radage

I am a London based artist working cross-disciplinary, with performance, the body and neuro-diverse knowledge at the centre.


Over the past year, I have been developing a body of work exploring the relationship between Shamanism* and Neurodiversity. This included an Arts Council project grant to develop new work alongside developing the Encountering New Normal network and exhibition for neuro-diverse people who experience misogyny, including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans feminine people, AFAB people, non-binary or gender queer folk.  


Over this time, I have made a series of video art works, an audio collage and a live work entitled 'Quake'. 'Quake' was showcased at The Centre for Live Art Yorkshire (Leeds 22/05/2021) and VSSL (London 29/05/2021). 


As well as being informed by my long term training in Shamanic teachings, the work touches on queer ecology, creating chants, rhythms and vibrations that call for a human rewilding within the ecosystems we inhabit.   


I am seeking new platforms to show and continue developing this body of work, including online platforms, exhibitions, installations and live performance platforms. Please see links to the work below.


Click here for Radage's CV.

*The word Shamanism (origins with the Evenki people) is used here in light of Core Shamanism: the understanding that Shamanic cultures from across the world have common core practices and that Shamanism is one of the earliest forms of human spiritual practice worldwide.

Caught (excerpt) | Video Art | 2021 | Dried Dogfish head, Menstrual Blood

and claw backwards (excerpt) | Video & Sound Art | 2021

Swim (excerpt) | Performance for Camera | 2021 | Ground Charcoal, Water

Worm Dance (excerpt) | Video & Sound Art | 2021 | Feet, Worms

Pulse (excerpt) | Video Art | 2020 | Shamanic Drum

© 2021 Alicia Radage
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